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Finance & Risk

Support our clients with business unit up decision making and steer financial planning processes

  • We do  adopt a “value based management” approach for managing all investments.
  • Help our clients to drive integrated financial planning and reporting.


Implement cost focus

  • We develop and pursue cost optimization process & policy  and track the progress on operational efficiency achievements for all sectors.
  • Guide clients, how to monitor and enforce budget discipline and apply financial rigor to all sectors.


Optimize financial and capital structure to ease funding of investment opportunities

  •  We support our client to develop and use  investment policies to improve cash management and generate higher profits from free capital.


Operational risk management 

  • Help clients to build a positive perception of the firm  with analysis the potential economic and social impact of significant operational risk. 
  • We do modeling for leverage risk management to help our clients for better achieve business goals and objectives.