With established under the law of United of Kingdom,  BAMnova Capital is a consulting and advisory  firm, which operates  across a range of industry sectors.

BAMnova Capital assists our clients  by solving the emerging challenges related to growth strategy and business innovations  through the combination of engineering skills and their expertise in strategy and finance.  Bamnova advisory’s  team  help  our clients to formulate a growth direction with understanding of the source of revenue growth.


We advise  clients  to design unique organization and management processes or what we call “architecture”. We  guide  clients to  identify new and very different growth opportunities with having  benefits  from our advice on low-cost business models, strategic alliances, joint ventures .

We effectively apply dynamic strategy and business planning with quarterly business reviews. With using our  ability to reach into a complex business situation and to think quickly, objectively, creatively and quantitatively to help our clients to make their competition  irrelevant.